Welcome to HELICITY 2020 site !

This is the place where participants can register, submit their talks and obtain some additional information on the event.

Registration is free :). The actual on-line conference communication will be organized using ZOOM and/or BigBlueButton.

We expect most of participants to register without talks. Registration is needed to form the mailing list, which will be used to send access data for each forthcoming session.

After the registration you should receive an activation email unless this email is blocked for some reason. You need a working email address accessible from our site because it will be used to deliver on-line conference access data.

Registered participants may submit talk proposals specifying preliminary date, time, title, abstract. The comment field can be used to specify additional info, such as estimated duration of the talk, acceptable date and time (UTC) ranges. After the proposal is considered by moderator and approved, it will appear in the Event Calendar on the front page.

Registered participants can delete their accounts (menu item “Account”).

Any questions must be sent to helicity2020@izmiran.ru